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're celebrating one of mexico's greatest traditions. it's called the day of the dead but it is indeed a celebration. we're going to learn something and show you what it's all about. joining me know is chef omar rodriguez. your restaurant is on 7th street in northwest. >> that's right. >> tell me about the day of the dead. what is it about? it's really a celebration, not a time to mourn. >> exactly. it's a celebration every year, november 1 and 2nd. mexicans around the country, around mexico celebrate. the whole idea behind it is you're actually celebrating the people that have passed o. it's not a mourning. it's a big festival. there's parades. people actually go to the cemetery. they bring food, beverage. they'll read up ins. they'll tell them everything -- read newspapers. they'll tell them everything that's going on with the family. >> it's a time to reconnect. this looks like a porcupine. >> yes. >> these are examples of art you have throughout the table, too. >> the different creatures that are actually on the table are hand carved, hand painted in various villages. >> these are
new mexico avenue northwest. it used to be, if you remember, sutton gourmet in that little shopping center. now it's a fak louse new tall -- fabulous new italian restaurant. they even have gelato and italian desserts and great pastas. and of course the pizzas. what are you preparing? >> these are one ever the dishes -- of the dishes we served for the "esquire" magazine. we prepare fresh mushroom. you can use port bellow. -- portabella. almost the same. olive oil, garlic, parsley. black pepper, salt. a little bit more olive oil on the top. >> that's it? >> that's it. italian cooking is good ingredients and technique. >> that's very simple. then you wrap it up and no fancy dish? just wrap it up in aluminum foil? >> like that you put it in the oven at 400. depends on the size of the mushrooms. usually it's between 12 and 15 minutes. >> that's all? >> then you just bring it in front of your guests and you open them up. >> you have one that's already prepared. let's see what it looks like. >> the pan is hot. >> be careful, chef. >> you bring it to the customer and open it like this. smel
mexico tomorrow. the 43-year-old was hoping to help nasa figure outweighs for astronauts to survive a high altitude disaster. >>> another pro jeblght rumored to have taken to the skies over roswell, new mexico may have actually been reality. the u.s. government is releasing drawings, and schematics of the flying saucer it tried to build back in the 1950s. those documents show that the united states air force worked with a canadian company to create what it called a supersonic craft, shaped like a disk. project 1794 was eventually dropped in 1960, after the saucers built proved hard to fly at high all the tuesday. >>> first -- altitudes. >>> first the ruby slippers, and now dorothy's dress is on the move. the outfit judy garland wore in the wizard of oz is being auctioned off. it is the only complete original dress to survive, and is expected to bring in half a million dollars. >>> today is the last day you can see those ruby slippers at the smithsonian museum of american history, because they are heading to england tomorrow on loan. >>> still ahead, an early learning center that is
news." >> and good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. in the sky over new mexico today a man jumped from 24 miles up and broke the sound barrier on the way down. a first. felix baumgartner broke that barrier by more than 100 miles an hour, then landed with ease. with details, here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: felix baumgartner climbed into the strat sphere more than 24 miles above new mexico's desert. the 43-year-old austrian skydiver was about to become a human missile and plunge farther and fast never freefall than anyone in history. >> everything is in the green, doing great. >> reporter: his ascent had landed two and a half hours, in a capsule hoisted by a 55 story helium balloon, rising 1,000 feet a minute. the only hitch, baumgartner's viser foingd up when his helmet's heater stopped working. >> this is getting serious, joe. >> i do not think i have safe feeting -- -- heating. >> joe kittinger was the voice in his ear. >> there it, there is the world out there. >> reporter: in 1960 kittinger, then an air force captain set the freefall record with a dive from 102,000 feet. he spe
bumgardner reached a maximum speed of 833.9 miles per hour during his jump today over the new mexico desert. >> reporter: from the edge of space, austrian daredevil gave a salute before jumping. he topped 833 miles per hour eaking the speed of sound. >> you travel so fast, but you don't really realize how fast you are. >> reporter: at times, he seemed to spin out of control. >> for some reason, it started spinning so fast and so violent that sometimes in between, i'm getting unconscious. >> reporter: 24 miles above new mexico, he became a human missile. he was able to reach such great heights thanks to that 55 story helium balloon. in order for a safe liftoff, winds could be no more than 3 miles per hour. on his way up, his breath fogged up his helmet and he complained the air inside his visor wasn't warm enough. >> i do not think i have face heating. >> reporter: the problem was never fixed. >> you see a little bit of frostbite there. for 30 minutes it looked like we would have to abort the mission. >> reporter: but the crew decided the jump was still safe. his free fall is now the highest
was at the launch site in new mexico for the history-making leap. >> reporter: from the edge of space austrian dare devil felix baumgartner gave a salute before jumping. he topped 833 miles per hour breaking the speed of sound. >> you travel so fast, you don't really realize how fast you are. >> reporter: at times baumgartner seemed to spin out of control. >> for some reason it started spinning so fast and so violent that sometimes in it, like, i'm getting unconscious. >> reporter: 24 miles above new mexico he became a human missile. baumgartner was able to reach such great heights thanks to the 55-story helium balance loon. in order for a state of lift- off, winds could be no more than 3 miles per hour. on his way up, baumgartner's breath fogged up his helmet and he complained the air inside his advisor is not warm enough. >> i do not think i have safe heating. >> reporter: the problem was never fixed. >> i could see a little bit of frost and for about 30 minutes it hoods like we would have to abort the the in mission. >> reporter: but the crew decided the jump was still safe. his freefall is now
states is within striking distance of its missiles. >> 23 miles above roswell, new mexico, felix hopes to become the first man to break the speed of sound in a free fall. >> at the end of the day, if something goes wrong, i have to feel for it. >> amateur bullfighters, their bravery was conceded only by their alcohol consumption. >> in belgium, a professional soccer player crashed his car into a store. one man got hurt. >> this is not a game of tag. this man is actually trying to get away from a very angry stag at a london park. >> and the series is tied at a game apiece. game over. cardinals even the series. >> the last movie you cried at. "expendables 2"? >> sexiest woman alive. >> here's hoping for you next year. >> over 23 million unemployed. when they saw the 7.8, every economist was shocked. or "cbs this morning." >> cooking the books? 7.8% unemployment? captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." new polls a showing a bounce for mitt romney. a pew poll shows mitt romney ahead of president obama ahead of likely voters. the same poll showed the president leadings b
to stream in off the gulf of mexico. what a wet month it's been for florida streaming toward southeast georgia, south carolina. some of those clouds are coming toward us but it looks like any heavier precip, moisture will be well south and east of us. we're going to watch for the threat for a shower today. ice lated. as we get into -- isolated. as we get into the overnight, cloudy skies. tomorrow morning notice out to the west a little more green showing up. a little more shower activity. that's going to come through in the morning. might see a second batch midday. by afternoon i think we're going to be partly to mostly sunny. back in the the low 80s. as we head toward thursday night and friday, not too much in the way of cloud cover here. so we'll be a little cooler thursday night. friday back into the low 80s with a couple of showers well west of us late friday afternoon. we'll see if it falls apart friday night but saturday with the front coming through, that's when we get another chance for a shower before we really start to cool down. today warm, 85. stray shower possible. going t
from a balloon 23 miles above the new mexico desert. he hopes to reach a free fall speed of about 700 miles per hour. note to fearless felix, you can certainly probably pick up tips from a bunch of kids, they sure lee know all about breaking the sound barrier. >> australia's great barrier reef has spectacular colors between the fish, coral, sponges, all of that may be falling to the waist side. a 27-year-old study by the australian institute of marine science finds that the reef has lost 50%. scientists say they are trying to stem the tide. >> this is actually fertilizer pollution, feeding the star fish. >> it grows among the most environmentally friendly in the world. >> conservationists say cutting the amount of fertilizer that is running off into the reef would make a big difference, similar to our efforts in our own backyard with the chesapeake bay. >> more problems for a set of metro escalators, but this time it's not what you think. >>> what a celebration it was at nationals park last night. washington still managed to win the national league east when atlanta fell to pitts
's border with mexico was the victim of friendly fire. agent nicholas ivie opened fire on fellow agents thinking they were armed smugglers. they returned fire killing ivie. the two set of agents were investigating a border sensor. they knew other agents were heading to the area but didn't know where they were. >>> the pharmacy linked to the meningitis outbreak has recalled all it's medicines. there are 91 confirmed cases and seven patients have died. the steroid is used to treat back inflammation and pain. cbs money watch time. california drivers get a break from high gas prices and a warning from lawmakers about two chinese tech firms. >> reporter: relief may be days away for cal drivers suffering through the highest gasoline prices in the nation. the average price of a gallon of regular is $4.66. the surge is blamed on refinery and pipeline price. prices are expected to come down soon since governor jerry brown ordered less expensive winter gasoline to be sold three weeks earlier than usual. overseas markets of lower after the world bank cut its growth forecast for asia. hang seng los
for friends which is the day of the dead, the celebration in mexico which runs november 1 and 2 but we're going to run this special drink from october 30 through november 2 at the restaurant in children don-- >> children don, -- clarendon, virginia. we're basically going to take our shaker tin with ice. we have one ounce. we also have-- >> a what? what did you just say? >> it's basically dried hick business cuss -- hib business cuss flowers. hibiscus. it gives it a nice great color. it's almost like blood when you're going for the day of the dead drink. we have 3 owrnlses of that. -- ounces of that. we're going to do a half ounce of ruby port. it has a nice fruit characteristic and plays well and has a nice color to it as well. i also make our own bitters for the company. >> you do? >> i do. this is our orange bitters. >> passion food hospitallialty owns another one of my favorite restaurants in d.c. >> at district commons. we're just going to shake this up. >> it's not difficult. >> no it's a very simple drink. we're also going to use dry ice. >> now that i would -- i don't know about
of the extras fear and then jump of -- strasphere and then jump. it's taking place above the new mexico desert. we'll let you know how he does tonight on 9news now at 5:00. >>> coming up next, the family that's suing because their kids did not get into harvard. >> plus, how you can eat italian food and stay in shape. we'll be right back. . >>> a judge has ordered a curfew for former d.c. council member kwame brown. judge richard leon says brown needs to be home between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. brown apologized to the court after failing to report by phone on three separate occasions as part of his prerelease conditions. brown is set to be sentenced in three weeks on a bank fraud conviction. >>> well, when your kids do not get into the college of your choice, did you sue? a couple from hong kong is suing a u.s. college after their two sons did not get into an ivy league school. the couple said they paid more than $2 million to get their sons into an elite university. preterribly harvard. they now want their many back. >>> american david wineland and frenchman certainly haroche are the 2012 nobe
. felix bombgardner landed safely in new mexico today after a 24- mile jump from the stratosphere. the australian daredevil hit earth just nine minutes after jumping from his capsule. but a foggy helmet almost caused him to scrub the jump. >> when i was standing there on top of the world, you become so humbled that you cannot think about breaking records anymore, you wanted to come back alive. if you cannot see anything, you cannot leave that capsule. >> he set a new record for the highest and the fastest supersonic jump, but not the longest. the jump came in 16 seconds under the current world record. >>> covering the washington monument grounds today. thousands of the breast cancer survivors and theirers wrapped up the three-day awareness walk. the 60-mile trek started things out in southeast washington. ending their day with family and friends ready to meet the walkers at the finish. >> it was fantastic. they got a few bumps. it was great. donate. just donate three days, 60 miles. very tired, all ready to go home. [ laughter ] pretty excited. [ cheering ] >> this weekend's eve
to free fall from 23 miles over new mexico but gusty winds forced him to abort the mission yesterday and now tomorrow's weather forecast has forced his team to postpone the jump again. >> god is warning him don't do it. i'm trying to tell you. >> take the message. >> this isn't going to work out well. >> that's right. there's some showers out in new mexico, arizona and nevada is probably why they've canceled it, no showers here, my friend. >> that's what we like to hear. >> very nice. cooler weather rolling in tomorrow and friday, but a fine finish to the week. it's our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, looking at generally clear skies, a couple clouds floating by later on this evening with the cold front, but it's nice out. 70, dew point mid-40s, winds southwest at 9. the front is still west of the immediate downtown area, but we're looking at pressure beginning to rise at 29.88 inches of mercury. temperatures, a bit below average but not bad, 66 gaithersburg, bethesda and vienna, 67 down toward burke and looking at 70 in college park and 66 in bowie. temps a bit
. snow showers are likely for much of colorado. warm from southwest oregon to southern new mexico. in sports this morning the arizona cardinals look to go 5-0 for the first time since 1974. the cards back in their old town to face the rams. first part of the game, bradford, a touchdown. bradford goes deep to givens for a 52-yard strike. the rams win 17-3 and stop the cardinals winning streak. college football, usc visiting utah for the first time in 95 years. second play of the game. utah returns a fumble for a touchdown. usc falls after making a return. helped off the field and later in the second quarter he returns to make a touchdown grab. back in the end zone the 13th rank trojans win 38-28. the national hockey league is cancelling games because of a lockout. the nhl wiped out the first two weeks of the regular season which was set to begin next thursday. the two sides are at odds over how to split the nhl's $3 billion in revenue. former boston red sox pitcher curt schilling may have to part ways with that bloody sock he wore during the 2004 world series run. he's on the hook
and it's just -- i can't describe it. >> over 600 balloons filled the skies over new mexico for this festival this year. if you're a regular channel 9 viewer you have no doubt seen the banners across the top of your tv screen and 30-second commercials telling you about the possibility that wusa may not be available to dish tv subscribers starting monday. gan note, our parent -- gannett, our parent company, is in negotiations with dish. to be clear, negotiations are still underway. wusa and gannett are committed to continuing those negotiations. dish issued a statement saying the issues involve use of the company's commercial skipping technology found on the dvr systems that it provides. the complete statement of wusa and gannett's position can be found at wusa9.com. there is some good news in all this. wusa is available over the air oner of rye -- verizon, fios, and others. "game on" overtime after we're finished here. a preview coming up. >>> the big news in sports spreads from the baseball diamond to the football field. the redskins lost the game 24- 17 against the falco
. a departure ceremony is planned for tuesday. >>> an oscar new mexico knee is the victim of -- nominee is the victim of a jewel heist. >> teresa garcia has those stories and more. >> reporter: police are trying to track down a thief who stole $127,000 worth of jewelry from actress julianne moore. the oscar nominee was shooting a movie in canada this summer while as many as two dozen construction workers had access to the new york city apartment. she says ten pieces of jewelry were swiped. >>> they're not in kansas anymore. the ruby slip fresh the "wizard of oz" and the blue and white dress judy garland wore are going on display in london this month. the shoes are on loan from the smithsonian. the dress is privately owned. >>> this will be the first time dorothy's costume has been together since the movie was made in 1939. >>> welcome to the butter competition! >> jennifer garner was in new york promoting her new comedy "butter." it centers around a butter carving contestant in iowa. she plays an ultra competitive woman who wants to be governor. >> i wasn't trying to be any one person.
part in an attack which killed a border agent along the u.s.-mexico border. nicholas ivy was killed in the attack and a second agent injured. this is the first time an agent has been killed in the line of duty since a firefight two years ago which exposed operation fast and furious. that was a botched a.t.f. gun smuggling operation. >>> the former penn state graduate assistant who testified that he saw jerry sandusky showering with a boy back in 2001 is now suffering the university. mike mcqueary is seeking millions of dollars in damage and claims the treatment by the university since last november has caused him distress and embarrassment. he was put on administrative leave in november and his contract expired in june. sandusky was convicted of molesting boys but maintains he's innocence. >>> jimmy hoffa's remains are not under the driveway of a michigan sur bub ban home -- sur bush ban home. hoffa disappeared in 1975. the day he disappeared he was supposed to meet with a teamsters boss. >> do they fix that guy's driveway or do they just leave? i don't know. >> there's an app for t
the showers and storms back into western north carolina, eastern gulf of mexico. this is headed for us for later this morning and toward the middle of the day especially. so today upper 70s to even around 80 with scattered showers and maybe even a rumble or two of thunder. for tonight we've got temperatures dipping into the 60s. tomorrow 84. and then thursday 82. actually it should be green all three days here. by friday, friday is going to be a decent day around 80 and a front saturday may bring us a shower. same story on sunday. it's 4:48. good morning, beverly farmer. >>> good morning, howard. got to have the extra caution out there as we deal with the weather you've been talking about. the wet pavement, poor visibility. east on 66 as you make your way in from front royal headed for manassas and centreville, volume still light on 66 past 29 centreville on in toward falls church and rosslyn. no early issues there. no overnight construction to deal with virginia beltway. that's good news. traveling on 95 and 395, only building volume north of fredricksburg getting in through stafford
that sometimes i'm getting unconscious. >> reporter: 24 miles above new mexico he became a human missile. felix baumgartner was able to reach such great heights thanks to that helium balloon. winds could be no more than 3 miles per hour. on his way up, felix baumgartner's breath fogged up his helmet and he complained the the war inside his visor was not warm enough. the problem was never fixed. >> for about 30 minutes it looked like we might have to abort the mission. >> reporter: the crew decided the jump was safe. the free fall is the highest known to man but not the longest. it lasted four minutes and 20 seconds. >> talk about the right stuff. felix baumgartner's feat came on the 62nd anniversary when chuck yeager first broke the sound barrier. he re-enacted his historic flight yesterday in flying the back seat of a fighter. he broke the speed barrier back in 1947. >>> from super sonic travel to a slow speed voyage. coming up next the crawling conclusion to space shuttle "endeavour's" final mission. this is the "cbs morning news". it could also mean living with joint damage. help relieve the
miles above new mexico. he fell at nearly 834 miles an hour and became the first sky diver to break the sound barrier with his body. baumgartner deployed his parachute and landed safely. he now plans to live a simple life. for him that means flying rescue helicopters and coaching other daredevils. the captain in that cruise ship disaster in italy appears in court.um his story's next. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. >> pelley: in italy today, the drama surrounding this year's cruise ship disaster landed in a theater turned into a courtroom. it was the only place big enough to hold a hearing for the captain of the "costa concordia" who could face manslaughter charges. allen pizzey was there. >> report
and florida and maybe new hampshire and be in new mexico. that is it. colorado too. is we are your go-to debate station. you can join the conversation via facebook and twitter and then at 11:00, we will fact check the candidate statements with the wusa fact checking team. >>> early voting begins today and you can vote between 8:30 a.m. and 7:00 at night. for the exact locations go to our website. >>> trial for adrian johnson begins in prince george's county today. 37-year-old is charged with reckless driving. he was allegedly driving drunk when his vehicle hit 18-year- old lawrence garner jr. jury selection will begin in the morning with openings to follow sometime late morning or early afternoon. meanwhile services have been set for former south dakota senator george mcgovern. george mcgovern has died. funeral services are friday at the washington pavilion of arts and sciences in sioux falls. a private burial will take place at a later date at rock creek cemetery. >>> nearly 20% of those providing care for an adult over the age of 50 are hispanic. when we come back a special campaign
of the jurenovich in roswell, new mexico. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. at one point 8 million people were watching the skydive live on youtube shattering the site's record and they saw what the red bull team saw. one man's high drama at high altitudes. felix baumgartner stood day lone with his thoughts 24 miles above new mexico. >> you become so humble you can't think about breaking records any more. the only thing you want is you want to come back alive. >> reporter: no one had ever fallen to earth quite like this. >> there's the release. his climb to earth stratsosphere has taken 2 1/2 hours. felix baumgartner was hoisted heaven word by a 50-foot story helium balloon. the 43-year-old austrian sky diver almost had to call it off on the way up. his visor had fogged over after a heater in his helmet quit. >> this is serious. i don't think i have face heating. >> reporter: joe was joe kittinger at mission control. in 1960 kittinger leapted from 102,000 feet. >> we'll take care of you. >> reporter: felix baumgartner fog adviser or not was jumping from 128,000 feet. but almost instantly
. meanwhile we're watching this moisture come in off the gulf of mexico streaming up the east coast. that's why we've got the showers this morning. but this should start to scoot east of us as we get into the afternoon hours. once this gets past us, we'll get into a little bit of sunshine later this afternoon and then tomorrow looks great. saturday the next front approaches late. so could be some showers then. we're really going to cool down big time by sunday and monday. 81 today with an a.m. shower or two. afternoon sunshine. tonight 62 for d.c. 54 the suburbs with light winds. tomorrow 82. looks like a beautiful finish to the week. saturday chance of a shower or two in the afternoon. mid- to upper 70s. sunday skins are home. tailgaters, it may be wet for you. temperature only around 60. 62 for columbus day. back to 70 with a late shower come wednesday. it's 5:49. good morning, beverly farmer. >> good morning, howard. not a good morning in germantown. sky 9 will show us the shot of the accident on 118 right over 270. westbound or southbound lanes of 118 heading past route 270 toward cry
tortillas involved, cilantro and onions. people started getting into more flour in mexico so we have a little of everything. >> let's talk about your d.c. location. i can attest to the fact that i've been there line wrapped around the block, even if it's raining outside. so how is it going so far? >> it's really busy. the d.c. location for lunch is unbelievably busy. we're so thankful d.c., you know, all the support they've given us. social media helps a lot, too. that's the only advertising we do. social media and that helps a lot. >> i want to break some news this morning for people at home. you've got some big news coming out. >> we have a new location coming up. we hoping. the deal is not done but we're going to hope in capitol hill. >> that's fantastic. two and a half years from not having a job to having a taco empire in the district of columbia and in arlington is fantastic. you've got some chorizo going. >> we have some chorizo. >> what else are we putting on here? >> cheese. >> fantastic. we're looking forward to eating some of this coming up on the show. of course the guaca
:11. investigators are scouring a rugged area along the u.s.- mexico border for evidence in tuesday's killing of a border patrol agent. 30-year-old agent nicholas ivy was killed and a second agent was wounded. this is the third killing of an american boarder patrol agent this year. >>> the mystery of what happened to jimmy hoffa has not been solved. police near detroit dug up a concrete slab last week based on a tip and tests showing something was under that concrete but soil samples tests show no trace of human remains. the teamsters boss disappeared in 1979 the day he was supposed to meet an alleged mobster. >>> voters in pennsylvania do not need a photo irchlts d. to cast -- i.d. to cast a ballot. that's because a judge blocked the law. state officials could still appeal. >>> we'll have a preview of today's campaign 2012 faceoff coming up at 5:30. >>> at 5:23, the orioles have a chance of matching one of the nationals' accomplishments. >>> howard has our high temperatures dropping by more than 20 degrees in his seven- day forecast. we'll be right back. >>> good morning. welcome back to nin
the country. moisture in the gulf of mexico coming from hurricane paul in the pacific. we're watching another system coming through the northern plains approaching the northern mississippi valley. this guy will bring us some rain mainly tomorrow night. i think the time is going to work out pretty well so that it shouldn't impact too many plans. however, we've got to worry about if you've got anything going on tomorrow night, it will slow you down. today the futurecast, those passing clouds time otherwise a quiet day. maybe 71. for tonight we're quiet, 52 in town with 40s in the suburbs. on thursday we'll have partly sunny skies but late in the day we may see a shower develop up top the upper part of the bay but with the storm system coming out west, better chances in western maryland and west virginia late in the afternoon. our rain chances really pick up after dark. overnight they'll be with us but i think the stuff could be out of here before sunrise on friday. and if this scenario plays out, well, then we're going to have noticeably a nice stretch of weather with very few bumps in the road
the gulf of mexico. we had the heavy downpours overnight and going to continue to watch. this stuff sweep through us. here's the stuff i'm concerned that could get into southern maryland here in a few hours. headed in our direction. not out of the woods just yet but a nice lull for the moment. 74 and some showers on and off through mid-morning, better afternoon. tonight we're falling into the 50s and 40s in the suburbs. pleasant this weekend with highs in the mid 60s saturday and sunday and then monday back in the 70s at least for the first half of next week. >>> you know, it has not been much fun on the inner loop of the beltway this morning. at about 1:00 this morning, a tractor-trailer hit a guardrail before route 355 and got stuck there. then a little later, another tractor-trailer came by and didn't realize that there was an accident there. jackknifed and also had a fuel spill. to that's why you're dealing with all of the slow traffic on the inner loop that's eastbound 495 trying to get toward route 355 here. in fact let's just go to the live picture on the inner loop of the beltway
: but he wasn't homeless. he was the son of an immigrant worker from mexico. he'd lived in this house with a wood burning stove for 40 years. and all this time, he had been working as a day laborer-- demolition, roofing, heavy construction. he also managed to get a degree in philosophy. rodriguez didn't know his records had been selling like wildfire in south africa. he'd never seen a penny. then, in 1998, his fans invited him to tour south africa. he and his three daughters had no idea limos would be waiting for them at the airport. regan is his youngest daughter. >> regan rodriguez: i only assumed the limousines were for some dignitary or celebrity, someone that we should stay out of the way of. but instead, they were for my father. ( cheers and applause ) >> simon: regan said she expected 20, maybe 30 people to show up at his concert. there were 5,000. and when rodriguez stepped out onto the stage, they wouldn't let him start singing, not for ten minutes. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ >> regan rodriguez: for them to see him, when they thought he had died, it was like they had a
parachutists, and there was a remote control system and so the airplane was flown from, it was down in mexico over to the crash site and then the three pilots transferred control of the airplane over to a remote control system and they parachuted out and then a chase airplane that was operating the airplane by remote control crashed it into the desert. >> and what happens on impact crashing into the desert. >> it was pretty dramatic. the nose and cockpit buckled under the airplane and was basically run over by the aircraft. the first ten rows of seats were completely destroyed. and the rest of the fuselage remained intact. >> wow. so the lesson from this is where is the best place to sit? >> yeah. well, you know, we measured the forces as they come up through the aircraft flow and into the seats and the passengers. of course the first ten rows were completely destroyed so they would have been nonsurvivable. area just behind that but in front of the wing had potential for serious injury but was survivable. and then over the wing it was moderate injuries and survivable. and then in the back was
: martin also has a plant in mexico, which turns out another 50,000 guitars a year. did you think you'd come this far back? >> i never imagined the guitar would become as popular as today worldwide. we did $100 million in business last year. >> what do you attribute it to? >> i really think that musicians. they continue to rediscover just how cool it is to take a finely made wooden box with metal strings on it and hold it against their body and feel it vibrate. i think they find something very inspiring in that. >> anthony, i love that. >> $100 million in business. >> go martin guitars. what makes them different from the other guys? >> there's a lot of hand work and handcraftsmanship. what the musicians say, it's the sound. particularly, they age incredibly well. martins from the '50s are prized by a lot of musicians and they really treasure them. the other thing is, you know, they are not cheap. >> i was going to say, the cost? >> entry level about $500. you can get them cheaper if you're trying to match the asian model, they are trying to compete against the asians and others making
at the california science museum. in new mexico felix baumgartner it's try and try again. weather permitting, today could be the day he attempts to become the first skydiver to break the sound barrier. actor gary collins has died. although he had dozens of film and tv roles, he's perhaps best known for his years as master of ceremonies for the miss america pageant. gary collins was 74. the opening game of the american league championship series last night, theetroit tigers led the new york yankees 4-0 going into the bottom of the ninth inning only to see their lead disappear in dramatic fashion with two, two-run homers but in the 12th the tigers scored twice to win 6-4. the yankees lost not only the game but also their captain shortstop derek jeerter suffered a fractured ankle. the national league championship series between the giants and the st. louis cardinals starts tonight in san francisco. now for today's forecast. a general warm-up is underway across much of the country with some storms likely from texas up to new england. the warmer weather won't last long though. more seasonal temperatures
record they have to get you want right. more cbs "this morning," mark strassman in roswell, new mexico. >> certainly is a daredevil. >> that's a pretty big feat >>> you may have heard that dogs can detaekt disease by smelling a person's breath. researchers are working on devices that can do the very same thing. this morning we'll show you how good these electronic noses are and how they can change the way diseases are diagnosed. >> tomorrow we'll reveal "fortune" magazine's "40 under 40," the brightest young stars in business. you might be surprised who made the list. that's on cbs "this morning". two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to kno
at the university of new mexico has developed a dissolvable mouth strip that can leave the pain caused when a person burns the top of their mouth eating pizza. finally an alternative to waiting a minute. just wait a minute. >>> hard to wait a minute, norah when the cheese is staring at you calling your name. >> exactly. when its melting. welcome back, everybody to cbs "this morning." traditional stores may be losing ground to online competitors so with the holidays coming up they are fighting back. >> target and best buy are offering to match the online prices of many products and other big chains have other ideas. jack otter executive editor of cbs moneywatch.com is watching the competition and can sort it all out for us. i'm thinking this is good news for the customer. >> it is. bad news for the store. it's a sign of desspar ration. best buy is on the ropes. they said okay whatever those guys are doing our competition is killing us we'll match the price. the problem is what people are doing they walk into a best buy or a target, check out the tv or laptop and go home and buy it on the computer. ca
shipped jobs to china and mexico. >> he describes him as a corporate raider. you know, bane capital, whatever you can say about it, they were not corporate raiders. >> reporter: and this ad from a group that is opposed to the president's re-election has earned four pinocchio. >> the obama administration admitted the truth that 2.3 billion dollars of tax credits went overseas while millions of americans can't find a job. >> reporter: is is that true? no, no, virtually nothing in this ad is correct >> reporter: but no matter what the fact-checkers say the candidates often continue to make false claims. governor romney in tuesday's debate. >> a rerecent study has shown the people in the middle class will see $4,000 a year higher taxes as a result of spending and borrowing of this administration >> reporter: glen said that statement had three pinocchios. an obama camp ad claiming that romney's former company invested in a chinese manufacturer that took american jobs. >> newly published documents show mitt romney's firms were pioneers at helping companies outsource their manufacturing >>
to this country as immigrants. my dad was born in mexico of american parents. ann's dad was born in whales and is a first generation american. we welcome legal immigrants into this country. i want our legal system to work better. i want it to be streamlined. it it to be clearer. i don't think you should have to hire a lawyer to figure out how to get into this country legally. i also think we should give visas to people, green cards, rather, to people who graduate with skills that we need. people around the world with accredited degrees in science and math, get a green card stapled to their diploma, come to the u.s. of a. we should make sure our legal system works. number two, we're going to have to stop illegal immigration. there are four million people who are waiting in line to get here legally. those who have come here illegally take their place. so i will not grant amnesty those who come here illegally. i will put in place an employment verification system and make sure employers who hire people who have come here illegally are sanctioned for doing so. i won't put in place magnets for
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